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Corporate wellness speaker and former pro-athlete, Jimmy Minardi, has a simple goal – to help individuals and organizations enrich the quality of their busy work life.  A thirty-year career in the fitness industry validates his firm belief that embracing healthy behaviors positively impacts all areas of performance, both personally and professionally. “We speak through our bodies, so when you feel better physically, you communicate more effectively, and that has a positive ripple effect on everything else that you do.”  


Jimmy’s gift of communication delivers an empowering combination of education and motivation. Audiences leave with a new understanding of their biggest health and fitness challenges, and a wealth of practical

solutions they can implement immediately.


  • Prioritizing wellness with just 5 minutes of fitness, yoga, stretching or mindfulness

  • Exercises you can do without leaving your office

  • How posture can impact job performance

  • Energy boosts to get you past a mid-day

  • Eating for positive performance

  • The ‘office workout’

  • Heart health

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