‘Vinyasa’ is the act of going from one fluid motion to the next in a controlled manner.  Jimmy Minardi has taken his expertise in personal training and yoga to create a program that combines both intensive, sinuous body movement and muscular strength while maintaining an elevated heart rate.

In his one-on-one weight training sessions every muscle is targeted equally to build lean, balanced strength throughout the body. Minimal recovery time keeps the heart rate in the fat burning and fitness zone. In conjunction with the increased stamina comes improved balance and coordination.

This unification of movement begins with an extensive cardiovascular warm up, (achieving a maximum training heart rate), followed by an intense training floor with basic pull-ups and pressing actions with minimal recovery to keep the heart rate in the top end of the fat burning zone. Mountain climber drills, targeted abdominal exercises and specialized intervals for the posture on the UBE (upper body exerciser) are all integrated.

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