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There’s a big difference between health and fitness




Jimmy Minardi, founder of Minardi Training, has been working as a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor to top athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country for over 20 years.  A former professional cyclist, he is also a Class-A Body Wise International Athlete, certified snowboard instructor, swimmer, avid surfer, and black belt.

Renowned for his motivating training style, emphasis on the outdoors, and the exceptional results he achieves, Minardi works closely with each client, customizing a program to maximize performance while minimizing potential injuries.  Through his personally designed Minardi Beach Workout, Minardi Yoga, Minardi Vinyasa Weight Training and Minardi Cycling, he focuses on helping clients develop a level of athleticism and dedication to their own health and well-being that is truly life changing.

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CHOOSE YOUR training

No one brings the level of personal training and experience to the table or gets the results that Jimmy Minardi enables you to achieve. His enthusiasm, caring, dynamic personality, sense of humor and kindness are legendary.   Every athlete is different and each receives personalized attention and a customized regimen. Your fitness level will be carefully assessed. Plan to be pushed to the limit and to see tangible results 

Minardi Training
SUMMER 2020 Schedule 




Main Beach, East Hampton 


  • Monday         9:30am - Beach Workout 

  • Tuesday        9:30am - Beach Workout 

  • Thursday      9:30am - Beach Workout

  • Friday            9:30am  - Beach Workout 

  • Saturday      9:30am  - Beach Workout

  • Sunday         9:30am -  Beach Workout  






​Private only 






 Please contact Jimmy Minardi to schedule a cycling ride












Please contact Jimmy Minardi to schedule your personal

training sessions



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jimmy minardi



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